Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Things

Just a few pictures, I've been pretty busy lately with work/freelance but here are a few things I've recently done/been meaning to post. The first seems to be what would happen if Julie Shin and I became one person and got caught in a rainstorm, the second are my favorite random people I've ever seen. This handsome, though trashy looking scruffy young man with his wifebeater, aviator sunglasses and long cigarette (he would have fit in perfectly in the movie Grease) who I saw with a very tall and incredibly skinny girl (i mistook her for a man at first) wearing a long flowing tie-dye dress that had a neck that plunged all the way to her belly button. They were definitely the weirdest couple of people I've seen together at once. The last are a group of knitters I saw at Mr. Crepe in Davis square, I've seen several different knitting boys in Davis so far.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kristin in the best (most terrifying) pickup line ever

this happened at my summer job between my freshman and sophomore year when I worked at a frame shop. troo story